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Rent the Seven Jib Compact XL for Your Next Project

Seven Jib Compact XL: A Robust and Portable Camera Solution

Introducing the Seven Jib Compact XL, a robust jib capable of carrying the weight of a fully loaded camera broadcast. With a capacity of up to 27kgs, it accommodates any camera and head, folding down conveniently into a single road case. Quick and easy assembly by a single person is made possible, thanks to the included extension arm that reduces the required counterbalance weight. The jib also features a tilt brake for effortless operation by one person and an under-slung bracket for low ground shots or across a table. Capture dynamic shots with the flexibility to position the camera just centimeters off the ground or crane up to over 3 meters in height with a tripod at full extension.

Experience the Best Professional Mini Jib: Seven Jib Compact XL

Trusted by professionals worldwide for over 20 years, the Seven Jib Compact XL is proudly made and serviced in the USA. This jib offers unparalleled strength, supporting up to 50 pounds of camera equipment on one end and 100 pounds of counterweight on the other. Whether you're using high-end cameras like Alexa, Red, or Sony F55, or DSLRs and small 1" video cams, this jib delivers outstanding performance.

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Quick, Easy, and Portable Camera Platform

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Seven Jib Compact XL is a versatile camera platform supporting setups from 1 to 60 pounds. Rig a fully equipped Alexa, Red One, or Red Epic/Scarlet on one end and counterbalance with over 120 pounds of weight on the other. This professional jib is not only robust but also incredibly fast to set up.

  • Compact design, folding down to just 33" in length
  • 100mm invertible bowl for over or underslung shooting
  • Impressive 6.5' lift, surpassing others in its class
  • 60 lbs camera/fluid head/accessories capacity
  • Compatible with 100mm bowl or Mitchell base
  • Extensive 55" reach for versatile shots
  • Built-in tilt lock for added stability
  • Uses standard barbell weights (not included) for counterweight
  • New radial needle bearing in the base for super smooth swings
  • Quick release rod ends on parallel bar for swift setup

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Enhance your project with the Seven Jib Compact XL, a versatile, compact, and easy-to-set-up portable jib. Whether you aim for an elegant glide or a disorienting POV sequence, this jib is your creative ally. DCTV is thrilled to have this equipment in inventory, witnessing its diverse applications across various projects.

Discover the perks of the Seven Jib Compact XL. Set up in just 5 minutes, it offers quick experimentation without the hassle. Its compact kit, including necessary weights, sandbags, legs, and a tripod head, makes it highly portable compared to other jibs. The jib simply works, providing endless creative possibilities. Contact us, take the jib for a spin, and look forward to outstanding results!

This is the best professional mini jib on the market

Review of the Compact 33″ Mini Jib: Assembly, Functionality, and Versatility

Experience the convenience of the compact 33″ folded jib that excels in quick assembly without compromising on function and usability. This versatile equipment adapts effortlessly to your needs and the shooting scenario. Assembling faster than most jibs on the market, it offers a solid build comparable to your most reliable equipment.

The strength of this mini jib is remarkable, providing stability beyond comparison. Whether you find yourself in tight spaces or prefer a lighter setup, the adjustable counterbalance arm offers flexibility. Customize it with a shorter counterbalance arm for confined spaces or attach the counterbalance extension for reduced weight on the camera sticks.

For those seeking low-angle shots, a simple inversion of the ball, combined with the underslung adaptor on the tripod head, allows you to mount the camera low effortlessly. The mini jib is designed to accommodate a 100mm tripod head and standard heavy-duty camera sticks, supporting up to an impressive 60 lbs of camera weight. With 6.5′ of lift and an extended reach of 55″, this mini jib caters to various shooting requirements.

The standout feature is its compatibility with standard barbell weights for counterbalance or an optional bag that lets you use unconventional counterbalance materials like rocks, sand, or any weighted objects.

For a comprehensive and insightful review, watch Rigjob's video where he shares his experience with the Seven mini jib, a piece of equipment he has trusted for over a decade.

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