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The original Jimmy jib crane camera Stanton Extreme Triangle rental in Italy TV Commercials Infomercials Corporate Videos Movies & Film Music Videos Event Coverage Milan Rome

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The Triangle Jimmy jib of the American Stanton Service is the most used cranes camera in the world, the Jimmy Jib Triangle is the most versatile and lightweight. Three fundamental parts that make it up: the light alloy arm with the characteristic triangular shape, the tripod and the remote head with 2 axis pan and tilt. Providing Jib Services for the Broadcast Industry and Video Service in Italy Rome and Milan.

Jimmy Jib Triangle Extreme

Rental JimmyJib Service in Italy Rome and Milan

These are the advantages of the system: extreme practicality in transport, therefore, the possibility of reaching uncomfortable places and locations; extreme versatility in configurations right length verifiable on set with single operator or operator and driver; extreme ease of movement thanks to the weight (the lightest on the market) is practical for location changes following...

Crane Abc Products

Abc Crane rental camera

Crane camera of the German ABC Products famous for being an official supplier for the FIFA World Cup, jib 9 meters of length, even shorter for very narrow location. Excellent for quick set video where frequent changes of location are required. Its particular construction of the very light avional alloy modules allows a quick setup and movement following ...

Mini Jib Seven Compact XL

Seven Jib Compact XL. You’re right when you assume by the title that it’s a Compact Jib, but what you probably don’t realize is that it’s a true piece of engineering greatness. This 33" folded jib is compact, but it doesn’t sacrifice ease of assembly, function and usability. It goes together faster than just about any jib I’ve ever used, but still has the ability to be configured based on your needs and the situation.  This thing has strength…it’s more solid than your mom. Super-compact 3-meter mini arm by the American Long Valley Equipment. The jib that mounts in 40 seconds, a very stable and fluid tool even on heavy broadcast cameras. It's the ideal solution for small video sets, interviews, mini locations and low budget short films following...